Label Liner Types

Labels liner is the carrier sheet for the label and adhesive. The choice of liner type is important to ensure your labels apply easily whether automatically or manually.

Below is an explanation of the two types of liners; paper and film. Our team of label professional would be happy to advise you on the right liner type for your needs, contact us for an expert consultation.

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Paper Liner

Paper liners are generally Glassine or Kraft based papers. They are processed in a way to provide good tensile strength so they do not snap when they are put under strain either when they are being converted into labels or when they are being wound through a label applicator. They also have a silicon coating applied to the top side which prevents the adhesive that is on the underside of the label from adhering to the paper below. This way the label sandwich (top sheet + adhesive/liner) can be separated easily.

Film liner

PET or PP liners are used for their extra strength which allows more stress to be placed on the liner without it snapping. They are typically used for clear labelling applications, as the smoothness of the film over the paper based liners ensure the adhesive is as possible prior to application. The gives the labels optimum clarity for excellent on pack appearance.

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