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What is the difference between flexo and digital printing technology?

Choose flexo or digital printing technology? That’s a question many customers ask when they do not know the characteristics of each printing technology to choose accordingly. The choice of printing technology will depend on the specific requirements of the quantity, material, color, size, … of the label.
And to better understand the difference between these two technologies, please refer to the content of the article below.

1. Flexo:

Flexo printing (Flexographic) is a direct printing method because it has an embossed board made from rubber or polymer. Ink is fed to the mold using anilox rollers. When the plastic sheet is pressed into the material, the ink will transfer from the plastic sheet to the material. Each color required in the design is a separate sheet, when printed in sequence will create the final image.

Source: Consolidated Label Company

– Ink dries very quickly, saving time for the printing process, has very good ink adhesion even with curved, uneven products;
– Compared with digital printing technology, printing in bulk will save more money;
– Print on many different materials such as PVC, PP, PE, wrap, polymer, film, …;
– The image quality is beautiful and uniform.


-The price of a polymer print is relatively high
– This printing technique will take longer than digital printing due to the longer time it takes to create the printout
– Unsuitable for prints that require small quantities;

2. Digital technology:

Digital printing is a method of printing from digital-based images directly onto the substrate using a laser or inkjet printer. Digital printing doesn’t use print sheets, so setting up saves time. This customized printing solution is suitable for short-term and variable label printing.


– The ability to achieve 97% Pantone color
– Create bright, vivid colors, smooth colors and shadows;
– The ability to print tables with different content;
– Save time and high flexibility.


– Unsuitable for prints requiring large quantities;
– Restrictions on printing materials and finishing options;
Now, customers know a little more about the difference between digital printing technology and flexo printing technology. Our experienced sales team has high expertise in all labels, whether digital or flexo.
We are always ready to support, consult appropriate solutions for customers. Please contact us now to find a solution for high quality label printing.

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