Embellishments and effects for label to incorporate in four simple steps – Part 1

Embellishments and effects for label – Eye-catching labels are an effective way to promote your product and differentiate your brand. We all know how important it is to have a standout label. It’s your on-shelf billboard and the last advertisement in the buying decision process. You’ve got two to six seconds to make an impression and every detail counts.

Do you want it to exude a certain kind of elegance; tell a story; have a natural organic look.? This message can be created or enhanced by using embellishments and effects on your label.

In the part, we share two key steps for your chosen label design.

Step 1: First, consider the quality and type of label material.

Think about the type of finish you would like and how it will present the design elements. The shape of the label is also a key factor.

1. Material selection

We have a vast range of label material options available to suit any desired look or application. Gloss paper, beautiful textured and uncoated papers, film, kraft paper, … You need to determine product characteristic and application environment.

2. Bespoke Die Cutting

Think beyond squares, rectangles and circles; irregularly-shaped labels can create a unique identity. Choices include extra-rounded corners, sharp geometric angles, two part labels, or custom shapes. (pictured right)

embellishments and effects stuning label - die cut

Step 2: The importance of color is up next

Colors create cues for messages, influence emotions, increase brand recognition, and ultimately impact purchasing decisions. Your color scheme should be considered to create the right positioning for your product, and it should stand out on shelf. The following range of specialty inks enhances your choices and introduces interactive and exciting ways to use color.

embellishments and effects stuning label - luxury gold
3. Luxury Gold – bring the bling

Luxury gold is a glossy, gold, glittery effect with a raised, tactile surface. The glittery effect is created by using unique color pigments. When printed over dark backgrounds it has a gold glitter effect or over lighter backgrounds it creates a pearly white appearance. (pictured left)

4. Thermochromic Inks – temperature sensitive inks

These change color when exposed to certain temperatures. A range of temperature bands and colors are available, and the change can be reversible or irreversible. Perfect for hidden messages and design elements, or as a helpful gauge for the consumer to know when a product is ready for consumption.


5. Metallic Ink – a lustrous look

Metallic inks are used to create a similar effect to foil, although not as reflective. The shine of the metallic particles in the ink give a premium metallic look in a variety of color choices. (pictured right)

6. Chameleon ink – color-shifting impact

This specialty ink creates a color shift when viewed from different angles. It’s a great way to interactively transform design elements. Best used in large solid areas to maximize the effect.

embellishments and effects stuning label - mực Metalic
7. Sunlight Ink – here comes the sun

This effect is invisible until it goes out in the sun where it dramatically changes color. Perfect for hidden messages or design elements as part of a novel campaign or limited edition release.

embellishments and effects stuning label - silk creen
8. Silk Screen – the ultimate in color richness and depth

The silk screen process prints a smooth, controllable lay-down of ink that creates high density, opaque color. This gives excellent depth and robustness that is not achievable with conventional inks. Silk screens are particularly effective when using a white either on its own or to provide a base for vibrant design elements printed on top. (pictured left)

Please contact us for more information about embellishments and effects stuning label. We will create a solution for your labels.


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