Understanding colors for custom labels printing

Color systems – One of the most important parts of labelling and brand integrity is color consistency. The way your colors appear across your labels, advertising, and marketing materials is critical to consumer recognition of your products and brand. Ensuring standardization and consistency of color means the color you ask for and expect is the color that’s printed, each and every time.

In this blog post we explain the three basic color systems and how they relate to labels printing. What works for printed labels will not necessarily work for your website. We’ve also answered some of the common questions we are asked relating to color. Choosing the right color systems is the first step in creating a beautiful label.

Color systems 1: What is a PMS color?

PMS (Pantone Matching System) color are a worldwide standard controlled by Pantone Corporation. Each year Pantone produce a printed guide of each “Pantone Color” that has a color swatch and ink formulation for each of the 1,867 color on coated and uncoated stocks. PMS or Pantone color are often referred to as ‘spot’ color.

PMS color allow designers and printers to achieve common color objectives. A designer can select color from a physical swatch book and printers can then use the PMS formula to create that particular color. This ensures that your brand color will be consistently and accurately printed across all printed materials, regardless of the method or supplier.

Color system 2: What is Four Color Process (CMYK)?

Four color process (or CMYK) refers to full color printing and is a system that uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black together to create a broad range of colors.



Process color are created on the printing press by applying separate layers of CMYK in various concentrations. To prepare plates for printing, the artwork is split into CMYK “separations”. By printing varying amounts of each color in different size dots that are under 0.25mm in diameter you can create vibrant color and detailed photographic images.

Color system 3: What is RGB?

RGB is the method of displaying color electronically by projecting light rays onto screens. RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue and is the color system used for digital, including computers, smart phones, televisions and website.



We don’t use this color system in the printing industry. PMS and CMYK are for printed pieces and RGB is for digital applications.

It’s important to note that RGB colors will not look the same form one monitor to the next. Variability with screen brightness, lighting conditions, and hue/contrast settings will show the same color differently from one computer monitor to the next.

How is color managed during the proofing process?

Before proceeding with mass printing, we need customers to provide us with the correct design and color specifications. We will print sample labels so customers can see them in real life. Also on the sample table, customers can also ask us to adjust or balance the colors. Providing accurate color labels and color specifications will ensure accurate colors and avoid problems.

Our team of label experts understands the importance of brand consistency. We are experienced to achieve great color consistency. We hope to work with customers to optimize the artwork, ensuring the desired image quality.

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