Airline baggage labels

Airline baggage labels

We are one of the few manufacturers of airline baggage labels in Vietnam. The labels is used to give important information such as baggage details, location, destination of the flight, flight number, handling instructions and precautions. Most labels are used as the best source of advertising for airlines, because the cost of advertising through the label is not significant compared to the benefits that it brings. Not only that, airlines also prefer to use creative and attractive images to attract more passengers.

airline baggage labels
airline baggage labels

Adapt all your needs

We manufacture according to each your request, with any size, airline baggage labels to use on all customer luggage. The labels are very diverse in terms of new materials that can meet the high requirements of the customer’s journey and the surface of the luggage may be scratched due to long-term use, reducing the ability to stick. In addition, we also have a team of professional consultants that will help customers get high-quality labels, ensuring the rigorous elements of the product, environment and materials.

Quality accredited

At Hirich, every printed label is always high quality according to ISO 9001: 2015, we have a quality control system on each airline baggage label to ensure it is always correct and error-free when delivered to customer.

Flexible manufacturing options:

We have a flexible combination of labels printing technologies, the ability to produce unique airline baggage labels with all shapes, sizes and special requirements from customers.

airline baggage labels


Our airline baggage labels can be customized to your own liking with any technical and marketing requirements.
In case you are yet to have a design in mind, our design team is always ready to create an illustration that is best suited to your own specifications.
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