Embellishments and effects for label to incorporate in four simple steps – Part 2

Embellishments and effects for label – Your label communicates multiple messages both overtly and subconsciously and can convince buyers to choose one product over another. It is important to carefully consider what you want your label to say. Do you want it to exude a certain kind of elegance; tell a story; have a natural organic look?

Below is two next step of embellishments and effects for label:

Step 3:

Now consider the label’s design elements. Special embellishments and effects can boost a product’s shelf appeal by creating strong visual and tactile impact; vital in crowded, competitive markets.

embellishments and effects for label
8. Reverse Printing – extra communication space

Printing on the back of a label reduces the content on a label’s face side and minimizes clutter. It’s a great way to add extra information or promotional content without compromising the look and feel of the brand. This only works for labels applied on clear surfaces where the back of the label is visible. It’s also a fun way to reveal hidden content as the product.

9. High Build – highlight points of interest

A high build has a raised appearance offering a tactile, premium effect that can’t be flattened. It highlights key design areas on the label or can be used to create a textured pattern. It is very effective when used as a super gloss highlight over a matt-finish background. Low, mid, high and braille builds are available.

embellishments and effects for label
embellishments and effects for label
10. Embossing – layers of texture

Embossing is a premium element that raises the surface of a chosen label area or pattern. This gives stand-out presence on the shelf and has a tactile effect that encourages the consumer to linger over the product.

Alternatively debossing uses the same method but in reverse, where the chosen element is lowered into the surface of the label.

11. Foiling – create shimmer and shine

Foil adds a striking and elegant effect that is used to communicate quality. It refracts light and draws a shopper’s attention. A wide range of colours and effects are available; gold, silver, bronze, …

12. Glow in the Dark – excellent brightness in total darkness

This effect does just what it says, it creates glow-in-the-dark areas on the label. You can highlight specific design areas or incorporate hidden elements for a fun and interactive effect.

embellishments and effects for label
13. Scented Ink – engage the senses

When scratched, this ink releases a fragranced aroma that can be used to promote a flavour, evoke an emotion or create a statement. It’s available in a wide range of standard and custom scents from vanilla, fruit, flowers, citrus to chocolate; your imagination is the limit!

14. Scratch off ink – generate excitement

Scratch-off inks hide a message underneath and can be removed by scratching with a fingernail or coin. Ideal for promotions where the consumer is given the excitement of revealing a prize, discount, reward or hidden message.

Step 4:

Adding the final touches can dramatically enhance the overall look and feel of your labels. Some finishes and protections that can be added to your label include:

15. Flood coating – an overall finish

This is when the entire label surface is finished in either a high, or matt coating. The coating gives extra protection to the label and helps avoid scuffing and general abrasion during packaging, transport and handling.

16. Spot Coatings – add dimension

Spot coatings are applied to a particular area, feature or element of a label. This creates a visual and textural contrast that highlights an element or creates a pattern. When used in contrasting combination with each other they create a very effective textured, 3D look.

17. Soft Touch Coating – a touch of luxury

This luxurious coating can be applied in selected areas or to the entire surface of the label to achieve a subtly plush texture. It encourages touch and engagement and provides products with a unique velvety and warm positioning.

18. Laminations – a durable and high impact finish

The entire label surface can be finished in a gloss or matt lamination film. This provides a high impact appearance in addition to strong moisture and scuff protection.

Wow that’s a lot of options! Now please contact us to do is get in touch with us to bring your label to life. Our team of label experts can help you navigate our full range of custom label embellishment solution to ensure you achieve your desired look.


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