Happy Women’s Day 20-10-2020

As a unique culture, Hirich Labels Company always cares and understands the minds of employees from departments. That’s why, on a special day – Vietnamese Women’s Day, the wonderful women of Hirich Labels have the opportunity to sit together, talk, share and smile together.

Those are moments, marked with radiant smiles. And all those beautiful smiles, not only today, but always the best smiles for each of us, members of Hirich’s family.

Hopefully, the unique spiritual values ​​and cultural features that Hirich gives to employees will help each individual have more motivation to work together and grow stronger. And don’t forget we have a date together next year and the years to come! And don’t forget we will meet each other on Happy Women’s Day next year and years to come!

Happy Women’s Day – We wish all women happiness forever, blooming flowers forever and great success!

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