Labels Adhesive Type

The adhesive is the sticky underside of the labels. Pressure is required to activate the adhesive, which starts the bonding process to the surface the label is applied to. It is important to choose the right label adhesive to ensure the label sticks on application and remains stuck during the life of the product.

We offer a range of adhesives to meet your requirements, form the chiller to freezer, permanent to removable. We’ve explained some of the main types of labels below, and our team of label professionals would be happy to advise you on the right adhesive for your needs. Please contact us to free expert consultation.

Hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesives are generally rubber based adhesives that have a high initial tack. When pressure is applied to the adhesive and it is in contact with a surface, the adhesive will begin to “cure” and grip the surface it is applied to. The adhesive is softer compared to acrylic adhesive and as such can bleed into rough surface like recycled cardboard to provide excellent adhesion on non-smooth surfaces. As they are rubber based they have poor resistance to high temperatures and UV light and as such should not be used outside for extended periods.

Acrylic adhesive

Acrylic adhesive is chemically different to hot melt adhesives and have good UV and heat resistant properties. When pressure is applied to the adhesive and it is in contact with a surface, the adhesive will have a lower initial tack compared to the hot melt but over the next 24h the adhesion will grow to a high level. As the adhesive is not as soft as the hot melt it does not perform as well on rough surface like recycled cardboard. Due to its harder composition acrylic adhesive are more user friendly for conversion and application as the adhesive has less tendency to flow outside the edges of the label.

Removable adhesive

Removable adhesives have enough tack to grip the surface at the time of application but remain in a state that prevents the adhesive from reaching a higher adhesion level. This provides a degree of repositionability or removability of the label. The performance of removable adhesives can be greatly affected by the surface the label is being applied to and the temperature range the label is exposed to. We always recommend trialling removable adhesive for suitability due to these varying factors.

SQR007 adhesive

SQR007 is a specialist cold temperature adhesive. SQR007 was developed specifically for the meat industry and is also used in a variety of cold chain labelling applications.

SQR007’s unique cold temperature properties provide superior initial tack, creating a bond that delivers improved security and protection. It has been developed specifically for cold temperature environments and is the perfect solution for labelling wet and irregular shaped products.

Please contact Hirich Labels for more information. We will develop a solution label adhesive specifically for your products!


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