Roll labels and Top 5 benefits of buying labels on a roll

Roll label printing is an effective, cost effective way to label beautiful products in large or very large volumes. Customers can order custom roll labels in any die shape or size (cut). Thus, the customer’s label will become more complete when sticking to the package or product that needs to be labeled. Roll label can meet most kinds of ingredients that customers need.

roll labels printing

And what are the benefits of roll label printing? Refer to the 5 advantages of printing roll labels of Hirich Labels below:

  1. Automating your production

For small businesses that manufacture a small quantity of products, it is quite appropriate to use a manual sheet sticker. However, as distribution and markets expand, you need to think of an effective solution and apply automatic labeling to your production processes.

This can be the best way to save human resources, with less wastage due to the trial and error alignment of labels on a self-adhesive basis, and more accurate label positioning due to data feeding.

  1. Saving money

Roll labels are generally less paper-consuming and cost-effective than sheets or self-made labels. Add to that the savings in labor when you eliminate time-intensive hand application of labels. Plus, automated roll-fed labels help speed up the entire assembly process. Because time is money, you can benefit from faster manufacturing and fewer delays getting products out to distributors and customers with labels on a roll.

  1. Gaining versatility

When you’re working with roll labels, you can easily print custom product labels in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. That allows more creativity and flexibility when designing your packaging. You can even do special runs of small promotional labels for sales events and seasonal marketing pushes. The unique label shapes on your products will help set you apart from the competition.

  1. Selecting different colors and materials

In addition to custom shapes, you also have a wide variety of label stock options when going with labels on a roll as your label option:

  • White and transparent materials;
  • Permanent or removable adhesives;
  • Earth-friendly stocks made from recycled content;
  • Distinctive chrome finish labels;
  • Glossy or matte finish labels;
  • Water and oil-resistant materials, which are ideal for foods and beverages, health and beauty products;

Plus, high-quality, full-color digital printing offers an infinite spectrum of imaginative possibilities for design.

  1. Order by quantity

Compared to sheet printing labels, roll labels allow you to customize quantities according to your exact specifications. Whether it’s a short label for a limited period of time, or a label for high volume production, the label manufacturer has you covered.

Ready to move on to roll labels? Please contact Hirich Labels. We have many years of experience in all types of label printing, which will surely bring good results in quality and cost in a competitive environment.


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